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Entertainment Audio Video

To define the terms of audio or video installers with those which are used in actual customised projects in which the two worlds integrate and complete thanks to the support of the home automation, can be reductive.
Today in fact in our client’s residences, TV Monitors are ever more able to manage and monitor video surveillance equipment, pc multimedia content or video from live or satellite that require active intervention of the users more than mere Monitoring for the passive viewing of television programs.
The same audio broadcasts of the monitors to professional home theatre equipment 5,1. and controlled for means of palmtop IR or remotely by intelligent IR tele-controllers make us understand the necessity of the integration of these worlds, the intervention of professionals from the design phase and even more for that of the installation.
Our solutions come so personalized based on the requirements of the client and the environment in which it will need to work; searching through the audio/ video systems for public environments, systems for visual communication, for entertainment shows, artistic multimedia solutions and systems for museums, show rooms, video projection systems, management of images on screens on home theatre equipment, for advertising events or for visual communication.

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