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Electronics for naval power

The design philosophy of the electric equipment for naval power is of necessity orientated to the creation of electric panels of managers and modular distribution, easy to install even in tight spaces and kept watertight. Such equipment are designed and made using digital switching technology that allows simplifcation and reduction of the size of the electric panels and that has the capacity of to concentrate in a sole product with a small size, different functions, that in traditional technology would need additional components and of the relevant connections, like: 1) order of the user; 2) state of feedback; 3) protection from a power surge; 4) remote restoration of the protection. anOther point of note in the planning is the use of Multiplex technology able to run a lot of signals on the same cable, whether analog or digital. THE requirement to minimise the wiring and simplify the cutting edge equipment is known of and is growing in a market in which installed technology on board is growing. The digital switching is certainly going in this direction, but the unquestioned leader of simplification in wiring is multiplexing, which allows the transfer of the information on bus. Special attention arises then in the field of the galvanic protection that ensures the implementation of a project conforms with the most advanced nautical knowledge and the implementation of an electrical equipment secure, reliable over time, and able to guarantee safeguards for the equipment from corrosion. All the planning of the electric equipment and of the system of supervision maintains besides the full Manual Backup for the management of emergencies and for the management of the electrical equipment in total independence from the on board bordo, in case ,,for example , an accident damageds the Touch Screen controls.

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