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Rokonet Risco Group is the technology mostly used in our installations. the wide range of safety systems of RISCO ensures a great flexibility in the design of the plant of every size and type, whether it is in the civil environment or commercial, industrial and institutional. RISCO offers a wide range of products on the leading edge: anti intruder systems, produced for the management of the buildings, software for reception events TCP/IP, even you sophisticated technologies of detection and access control systems. The RISCO Products conform to the standard requests from the international certification organizations and are designed to guarantee ease of installation and utilization and great reliability. The safety systems respond to the requirements of the individual markets and are present in banks, universities, shopping centres and residential complexes all over the world. “non visible” Outdoor infrared barriers activate, perimeter protection in the ground, barriers to microwaves, inground systems, cut or climb over detection systems and anti intrusion nets, perimeter doors and windows, through sensors to double infrared sensors pir, volumetric indoors, alphanumeric keyboards and control panels and control tele-management or remote monitoring and connection to an police stations are just some examples of the solutions offered.

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