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Lighting design

nowadays the lighting system has become a structural element of the home influencing the daily gestures of its inhabitants and completely transforming an environment in order to create the right atmosphere for every occasion. the beneficial effects of light on man are Unquestioned. In this development process special attention is focussed on aspects like energy efficiency. Therefore good illuminating engineering planning cannot leave out an appraisal of the environment and needs analysis of those who will live in it. The Primary objective of our work is to create backgrounds that express the personality and behaviour of the Client that follow the changes of his activities inside of the building. All this is allowed thanks to the technology which enables us to keep an eye of aspects like energy efficiency. The controls of the illuminating engineering backgrounds are based on the course of the natural light and the apparatuses with particularly high yields assuring adequate levels of lux and better results than the conventional systems, by means of illuminating bodies that complements furnishings better; standards dali, dynamic light RGB-dmx integrated with EIB KNX are only some examples of the technology we mainly use.

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